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9 Great Reasons To Buy A House In Oakley, Cincinnati

Oakley is a hip and vibrant up-and-coming neighborhood in Cincinnati, sitting between Hyde Park and Pleasant Ridge, that currently offers a wide variety of living options. The diverse mixture within Oakley provides a blend of urban and suburban living, including new and old apartments and homes, for all types of buyers.

Aside from the housing market, the Oakley area has a booming downtown as well. A centralized town square provides various restaurants, bars, entertainment, and shopping, all within walking distance.

If you are looking for real estate listings that provide the suburbs’ charm with a budding urban scene, Oakley is a great place to consider. Still on the fence about it? Check out 9 great reasons to buy a house in Oakley, Cincinnati.

1. Robust History

The neighborhood was officially established in 1913 and has had a rich history of development. One of the most notable residents of the town includes the famous Annie Oakley, who is rumored to have gotten her name from here.

Originally, Oakley was a popular wagon stop in the mid 19th century known as “Four Mile.” In 1869, the village was named Oakley, about the number of oak trees in the area through the Hamilton County Courthouse.

Over the next few decades, the village would see a series of significant businesses come and go for the time. A brief glimpse of the history of Oakley village includes:

  • 1890s Oakley Race Course opened
  • 1905 Cincinnati Milling Machine Company moved to Oakley
  • 1910 Barton’s Drug Store began a library service

In 1913, Oakley was annexed to Cincinnati as the population saw continuous growth due to its workers’ milling company. 

Later, Oakley Square, also known as the Geier Esplanade, was created when the parcels of land were converted into green spaces in the early 1930s. In 1941 the Twentieth Century Theatre and its 72-foot tower were built, marking its business district. Although it was supposed to be demolished in the early 1990s, it was spared for its historical significance.

2. Tax Abatement

The Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati has been in charge of tax abatement, or tax reduction for building a new house or remodels that improve the value of a current property. As of January 2022, there will be some changes to these tax abatements, encouraging buyers to purchase homes or land and start building as soon as possible.

Here is a breakdown of some of the tax abatement numbers currently and their anticipated changes for 2022:

Type of ConstructionNew Construction / RemodelsCurrentJanuary 2022 Changes
StandardNew Construction$275,000$200,000
LEED Certified SilverNew Construction$400,000$400,000
LEED Certified SilverRemodel$400,000$500,000
LEED Certified GoldNew Construction$562,000$500,000
LEED Certified GoldRemodel$562,000$650,000
LEED Certified PlatinumNew ConstructionUnlimited$650,000
LEED Certified PlatinumRemodelUnlimited$800,000

As you can see, if you are interested in having a home with LEED certifications, it might be worth purchasing sooner than later to take advantage of the highest levels, up to unlimited, tax abatement for the construction or remodel of that home.

To find out more details about this tax abatement, check out this video here.

Sleepy Bee Wall Art

3. Unique Eateries

The neighborhood of Oakley houses some unique local eateries, including the area’s very first pub. Some of the top restaurants of Oakley include MadTree Brewing and Sleepy Bee.

MadTree Brewing

MadTree Brewing strives to provide quality craft beer while being rooted in purpose. MadTree is a proud member of the 1% for the Planet community, donating 1% of all sales to non-profits focused on environmental sustainability.

Enjoy high-quality craft beer paired with delicious food from Catch-A-Fire Cafe in a large outdoor beer garden. This pet-friendly spot allows you to hang out with your friends without having to leave your furry friend behind.

Sleepy Bee

Founded in 2013, Sleepy Bee in Oakley is one of the area’s top cafes. Popular with locals, Sleepy Bee is a fantastic breakfast and lunch option. Sleepy Bee focus on food that is locally sourced and sustainable. They have great food and a great mission.  

4. Conveniently Located

Oakley is centrally located within Cincinnati, with easy highway access to I-71, traveling north or south is a breeze. Bordering Pleasant Ridge, Madisonville, and Hyde Park, Oakley was initially a thoroughfare and today proves to be an emerging urban town.

Two large shopping centers are located within Oakley, Hyde Park Plaza on the south edge and The Center of Cincinnati on the north edge. The Center of Cincinnati shopping plaza Center is continuing development along the south side of the I-71 and Norwood Lateral interchange.

Central to both of these more extensive shopping plazas is Oakley Square. The Square lies amongst a series of different bus routes and just seven miles from the Wasson Way Trail. 

5. Wasson Way Trail

The future Wasson Way Trail, a project by the Cincinnati Riding or Walking Network (CROWN), is planned to connect Wassy Way to the Murray along a 34-mile trail loop. The trail’s design is brought on to connect communities with an accessible and sustainable greenway throughout Greater Cincinnati.

Over six miles of the project have been completed with the mixed-use trail going through twelve local neighborhoods, Oakley included. The Oakley portion of the Wasson Way Trail is just a short commute, seven miles shy of downtown.

6. Safety Ratings

Thanks to Niche.com, it is clear to see that Oakley is one of Cincinnati’s best neighborhoods to live in today. Second safest, falling just barely short of its neighbor Hyde Park, both marked with A+ ratings.

Niche.com rates neighborhoods across the country by assigning them a grade based on Safety and Crime in the area. All information used to produce this grade comes from the FBI Uniform Crime Report and is frequently updated with the most recent data available.

According to Niche.com, Oakley ranks in the top ten safest neighborhoods in the Greater Cincinnati area. The area has significantly fewer violent crimes than the national averages, with the most frequently occurring crime theft.

7. Walkability

Four primary factors contribute to a neighborhood’s walkability; safety, distance, convenience, and comfort. Oakley is known for its walkability by its residents. Locals say the following about the neighborhood: 

  • 96% rating on sidewalks
  • 93% walkable to restaurants
  • 89% walkable to grocery stores
  • 76% of people would walk alone at night
  • 72% of streets are well-lit

Although Oakley has a very intricate bus route system, the walkability proves to be yet another deeming quality of this suburban meets urban town.

8. Retail Anchors

Oakley is known for the availability of shopping, but most importantly, its independent retail anchors have helped build the area into what it is today. Namely, these retail anchors include:

  • King Arthur’s Court Toys, toy store established in 1982
  • Blue Manatee Books, a children’s book store opened in 1989
  • Aglamesis Bro’s, an ice cream parlor founded in 1908

In addition to the independent retail anchors of Oakley, there are other larger names also. In late 2015, Kroger opened its largest store at Oakley station spanning 145,000 square feet.

9. Summertime Events

Oakley is home to fun and exciting events as the weather permits through the summers. Oakley Fancy Flea and Oakley After Hours are just two of the significant events hosted by the community.

Oakley Fancy Flea

Summit Park is the new location of the Oakley Fancy Flea (O.F.F.) Market. For five Saturdays of the year, the O.F.F. Market organizes small businesses, artisans, brewers, bakers, and farmers in a unique experience for shoppers that enhance community connections while growing the economy.

Oakley After Hours

For six months of the year, from May through October, on the second Friday of the month, Oakley comes together in Oakley After Hours. Once known as “Final Fridays,” this event is held in the newly renovated central square and is sponsored by local businesses and coordinated with the Oakley Community Council.

During Oakley After Hours, the local shops and restaurants extend their hours, offer sales, specials, live music, and most importantly, fun throughout the streets.


Home to the legendary Annie Oakley, the neighborhood itself is full of history as it continues its rise as with its up and coming urban feel downtown.

Take a look at our listings today online for Oakley, Cincinnati, or contact me today to help you find your dream home.