Reasons To Buy A House In Mt. Lookout Cincinnati

9 Reasons To Buy A House In Mt. Lookout Cincinnati

If you are considering a move to Mt. Lookout in Cincinnati, you are on the way to making a great choice! There are great reasons to buy a house in Mt. Lookout Cincinnati.

According to local crime statistics, Mt. Lookout is rated among the safest areas to live in Cincinnati. With a booming real estate market, the age-old wisdom of “Location, Location, Location” applies perfectly! Your new home in Mount Lookout Cincinnati will take on the form of an investment from day one.

Beyond these important indicators, there are many other great things to consider about the Mt. Lookout area. With your knowledgeable realtor and this guide, you can discover what new and exciting things are waiting for you!

Reasons To Move Your Family To The Mt. Lookout Area In Cincinnati


Whether you have a family or live alone, safety is always a top priority!

Protecting your family from criminal activity is a realistic part of life and a significant consideration when searching for a new place to call home. Thankfully for those considering a move to Mt. Lookout, safety is baked into the cake! 

With crime rates 17% below the national average, Mt. Lookout consistently ranks as one of the safest neighborhoods in the area. Your life, family, and property investments are protected by the District 2 Cincinnati police, who offer transparent policing made visible on their website

The stats speak for themselves. In Mt. Lookout Cincinnati, you can sleep easy knowing you are in a safe neighborhood.

Real Estate Value

Unlike most material property we buy, a house has the potential to return an investment.

For those considering a move to Mount Lookout, with its staggering median home value over $450K, there is little concern for a lost investment! Mount Lookout lives in the upper echelon of real estate options for the Cincinnati area.

Just over the past five years, the Mt. lookout area has seen a steady growth of 1.1% year over year and continues to trend upward. If you’re considering a move to the area, the real estate market is ever in your favor, and buying into Mount Lookout is a long-term win!

Economy And Job Market

Moving to a new city and meeting new neighbors is one thing but gambling on a job market is something else entirely!

If you are considering a move to Mt. Lookout Cincinnati and are worried about a job, there is good news! Despite the crushing year that 2020 was for many businesses, the Cincinnati Metropolitan area is already seeing employment rise as businesses reopen and employers hire again. 

The job market for Cincinnati is returning even swifter than the national average!  

Home to 9 Fortune 500 companies, a booming food scene, and a growing job market, finding a place to work in Cincinnati continues to be an open door, with diverse employment opportunities spanning the entire metropolitan area.

Schools and Education

It’s an obvious priority for families, but even if you don’t have children, it’s important to know if your new neighborhood has good schools! 

Schools are important to your entire community on many levels. Not only do better schools create better students, but those students usually turn around and build back into their communities, contributing to the economy and the growth of your area. 

Among many other great schools that call Mt. Lookout home, the 4th best school in the entire state of Ohio, Walnut Hills High School is right in the heart of Mt. Lookout. The envy of the area, Walnut Hills High School, is a top-tier learning institution and routinely ranks one of the best schools in the state. 

With other great school choices in the area, the Mt. Lookout area has no shortage of quality educational opportunities for our little ones, and the future looks bright for upcoming generations!   

Of course, not all schooling is Kindergarten through 12th Grade!

Cincinnati offers many great options for College level education. Including the A-Rated University of Cincinnati. Followed closely by Xavier and Miami University in Middletown, there are many options to choose from if furthering your education is a priority in considering a move to Mt. Lookout.  

Reasons To Buy A House In Mt. Lookout Cincinnati

Fun Things To Do Around Mt. Lookout Cincinnati 

When you move to a new town, you will want to learn about all the fun and interesting things to do in your new community. Thankfully, the Mt. Lookout area has plenty to choose from. More than we could put on this list! 

Whether you take a casual stroll through Mt. Lookout Square, or one of the many surrounding parks, or pay a visit to the exotic animals living at the Cincinnati Zoo, there is no shortage of fun things to do. Whether it is by yourself, with friends, or your entire family Mt. Lookout has something perfect for you!


Getting outside is one of the most important things for our overall health and is just plain fun! 

Science tells us that spending even just one hour a day in the sun can prolong our lives. Mt. Lookout is home to many parks and beautiful views. Though only a small sampling of the parks near Mt. Lookout Cincinnati, these parks are known throughout the region as some of the most beautiful.

Be sure to add them to your list if you buy a house in Mt. Lookout Cincinnati!

  • Ault Park – Rated the # 2 Most Beautiful Views in Cincinnati and can take your breath away with its natural beauty and stunning garden. A popular wedding spot and an easy pick for numerous events throughout the year, with over 200 acres of garden, hiking trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas, Ault Park has something to offer anyone looking to spend some time outside!
  • Otto Armleder Memorial Park and Recreation Center – This massive 305-acre park has sporting areas, including soccer, disc golf, fishing, and even features a huge dog park, numerous trails to explore, and canoe access to the Little Miami River! It is easy to spend an entire day of fun at Otto Armleder Memorial Park!

Beyond the parks, simply being elevated above the City of Cincinnati affords Mt. Lookout some of the most organic and beautiful views in the entire city. Overlooking parts of the Ohio River, organic sightseeing is a regular part of life in Mt. Lookout. There are many websites dedicated to directing you to all the gorgeous views in the area. 

If you are a new resident, these sights are a must, so be sure to spend some time hunting them down!

Food Scene

Home to nationally famous delicacies such as Skyline Chili and Graeter’s Ice Cream, Cincinnati has far more to offer with its diverse cuisine.

Cincinnati has repeatedly made national news for its many enduring and incredible restaurants. Featuring some of the best food in the Midwest, Cincinnati boasts an “exceptional culinary scene,” according to OpenTable, a nationwide food reviewing website. 

Restaurants like Jeff Ruby’s The Precinct rank across the nation for their steaks, and countless other restaurants have competed and won awards. BoomTown Biscuits, The Taste of Belgium, and Ruby Steakhouse have all featured celebrity chefs, and the inspiring restaurant community in Cincinnati has drawn national praise. 

No matter your taste buds, there is something special and unique in Cincinnati for you to love!  

Playhouse In The Park

Just a quick 5-minute drive, and you can find yourself sitting in the audience of a premier Playhouse. 

As professional, live-audience actors weave their stories, you can sit comfortably in a fancy Playhouse, enjoying the unique and enjoyable experience of a live play! With storytelling often deeper than a modern film can capture! 

Putting on various compelling and often comical plays, Playhouse in the Park features hundreds of shows throughout the year and is an absolute must for anyone seeking live entertainment!

Cincinnati Zoo And Newport Aquarium

Great fun for anyone all year round!

Exotic land and sea animals are within reach at the nationally recognized Cincinnati Zoo and the Newport Aquarium, a world partner in preservation. Both are within easy driving distance of Mt. Lookout and are a perfect choice for anyone looking to see and learn about exotic animals from all over the globe! 

If you’re an avid animal lover, you’ll be glad to know the Cincinnati Zoo and the Newport Aquarium offer annual memberships and even family packages!

Professional Sports

Love or hate sports, living in a city with multiple professional teams adds to the community! 

The energy surrounding game days can be palpable, and the anticipation of the start of a season is likewise energizing! 

Whether it is football, baseball, hockey, or soccer you like, Cincinnati has something to offer you in the form of a professional team to call your own. Even if you don’t like sports, you can still take advantage of the many economic benefits professional sports bring, and not mention all the deals restaurants offer when a big game is on!  


No matter where you consider moving, you’ll want to think about these basic ideas: Safety, Real Estate Value, the Local Economy, and Job Security. We confidently and proudly describe Mt. Lookout to our clients as a win on all fronts. From the rising home values to the safety granted by good neighbors and a successful police force. To the growing job market and the many incredible educational opportunities offered here, Mt. Lookout Cincinnati is an excellent choice for anyone considering moving to Cincinnati.

If you or someone you know is considering a move to Mt. Lookout Cincinnati, please share this article, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask! Thank you for reading, and check out some of our other related articles on local real estate!